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    The Spaces Between By Sarah McWilliams It is often the space between the fixed points in which life happens, experiences exist within the liminal. In this exhibition Sarah McWilliams brings together her 2020 abstract painting series, entitled Transitional States with new work, developed on residency at the Tyrone Gutherie Centre in 2023. Her work continues to explore themes surrounding boundaries, belonging and the beauty within the broken and fragmented
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      Made in Downpatrick - Bobbie Hanvey left psychiatric nursing at Downshire Hospital in 1972 and opened his photography studio in Irish Street. Since then, he has photographed the major players in Northern Ireland's history and his images of our town's most memorable faces make up his exhibition, Made in Downpatrick. Sponsored by The Arts Council NI lottery Fund.
      1. 9 May 202431 May 2024
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