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  1. oil painting
    Painting This painting course is aimed at both beginners and those who have some experience of acrylic painting. The sessions will cover essentials such as getting started, choosing subject matter, composition, colour, perspective, still life and landscape. Materials needed are acrylic paints or oils, brushes. A canvas or painting board, sizes ranging A3/A4, an image to paint, and a mixing tray.
    1. 7 May 202425 Jun 2024
  2. Silver Jewellery Making
    Silver Jewellery Making Class Suitable for beginners with no previous jewellery experience. An exciting course to include a traditional and contemporary approach to jewellery making and design. You will be guided through the basics of annealing, cutting, soldering, doming, texturing and the use of safe enamelling to build towards a little jewellery collection. Corse tutor: Karen Daye-Hutchinson owner of 'Ghost & Bonesetter' jewellery. Materials and Tools: Basic materials including copper sheet and wire will be given as part of the class. Individuals may wish to purchase precious metal, stones, etc. as you go along.
    1. 7 May 202425 Jun 2024
  3. Pottery
    Learn how to work with clay using hand-building techniques such as slab work, pinch pots, coiling, using formers and more. Create unique pieces from pots, figures, animals, bowls and more. Fee includes clay, glazes and firings. Tutor: Áine Mckenna
    1. 8 May 202426 Jun 2024
  4. Creative Writing
    These workshop-based classes are designed to support those who wish to explore and develop their writing skills. They will cover topics such as writers' tools and sources, character and plot, as well as looking at a variety of styles including short stories, scriptwriting and poetry. Opportunities to experiment with different types of writing will be provided to enable participants to find and enhance their own writer's voice. Whether for fun or with a view to publication, this course aims to find ways to unlock imagination and to develop a greater awareness of craft.
    1. 8 May 202412 Jun 2024
    2. 25 Sep 202427 Nov 2024
  5. Tai Chi
    Tai Chi is a gentle flowing exercise which aims to enhance the bodies intrinsic energy system. The main benefits are relaxation and physical and mental balance. As well as this Tai Chi works on strengthening the core and is a cardiovascular exercise. At its core Tai Ch promotes physical and mental well-being through focusing the practitioner on the individual moves and creating a sense of truly being in the moment. As the nature of the movement is slow and gentle Tai Chi is suitable for all regardless of age or ability.
    1. 23 Apr 20244 Jun 2024
    2. 11 Jun 202423 Jul 2024
  6. Down Arts Centre
    Martin McParland introduces the art of outdoor sketching to Downpatrick and Newcastle.
    1. 10 Jul 202428 Aug 2024
    2. 11 Jul 202429 Aug 2024

One Day Workshops

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  1. Pochoir
    Pochoir Printmaking
    1. drawing
      Introduction to Drawing
      1. weaving
        This meditative frame loom workshop is a mini textile retreat, for those who wish to learn the craft of weaving in an inspiring and thoughtful setting. Students will learn the basics of weaving on a hand-held frame loom and the history of the art form in a conscious learning environment. The practice of weaving is slow, mindful and repetitive, and when this process is embraced it can be relaxing for the mind and body — even therapeutic.
        1. 8 Jun 2024
      2. Calligraphy
        Calligraphy Workshop
        1. 15 Jun 2024
      3. jacket
        If you love the idea of making your own clothes but don't know where to start, this simple jacket is the class for you!
        1. 22 Jun 2024
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