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  1. Cecil Newman Collection
    Cecil F S Newman was born in Lisburn in 1914, the son of a RIC policeman (Royal Irish Constabulary) whose family had come from a farming background in West Cork.
  2. DJ McNeill Collection
    Daniel Joseph McNeill or ‘DJ’ as he was widely known, was born in Dundrum in 1906. He was educated at the local primary school and at Hughes Academy, Belfast.
  3. Pat Hudson Collection
    Patrick John Hudson was born in Newry, Co. Down in 1920. His father, John E Hudson, was manager of O'Hagan and O'Hare's chemist's shop in Newry.
  4. Thomas Gribben Collection
    Thomas Joseph Gribben (1882-1959), known as Tommy, was the eldest of ten children, five boys and five girls, of Thomas and Alice Gribben, of Dunnanew, or Dinanew, in the parish of Loughinisland, County Down.
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