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  1. At Present Confined: Life in the Old Gaol of Down
    This permanent exhibition tells the story of some of the prisoners who were incarcerated here, including the Gaol's most famous prisoner, Thomas Russell.
  2. Down Through Time
    Located in the Governor's Residence of the old Gaol buildings, Down Through Time brings to life 9000 years of human history in Down. Featuring over 1100 historic objects, documents and works of art, the displays provide a fascinating glimpse into the County's past.
  3. Harvests from Land and Sea
    Down County Museum has one of the most significant collections of farming artefacts in a local museum in Ireland.  The objects held by the Museum range from large pieces of machinery such as a reaper and binder and a Ferguson tractor, to small hand tools.
  4. Raising the Cross in Down
    This permanent exhibition tells the story of the Downpatrick High Cross and its place in the early Christian tradition of County Down.
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