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Children's Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops at Newry and Mourne Museum

Council Chairperson, Cllr Michael Savage paid a visit to Newry and Mourne Museum to see if the children were enjoying their week-long summer arts and crafts workshops at the Museum. 

  • An image of the exterior of Newry & Mourne Museum.
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    How My Mother Survived the Holocaust - part 2 by Lill Fanny Saether

    In part 1 Lill Fanny Saether outlined how her family was one of a number of Jewish families which settled in Newry at the turn of the 20th century. Her family later went to live in Norway and this week Lill continues her story of her mother, and family members owed their survival in the Holocaust to the fact that having lived in Newry, they had British citizenship. An uncle and aunt of hers who hadn't lived in Newry and didn't have British passports were deported to Auschwitz and murdered. 

  • An old image of Warrenpoint Docks.

    The historic development of Warrenpoint Harbour by Joanne Glymond

    The building of a tidal dock in 1767 initiated the development of the town of Warrenpoint. The dock was funded by the Irish Parliament after the merchants of Newry petitioned them for a grant to build the dock. They submitted a plan and an estimate of the work was appraised at almost £3,000 with two years for building. The merchants were given a grant of £1,500. Roger Hall, Robert Ross, Robert Scott and Edward Corry were appointed as commissioners and the dock became property of the Hall family who were the landlords in the area.  

  • Photograph taken of Kilkeel Workhouse in the late 1960s by Hugh Irvine, then Vice Principal of Kilkeel High School and an enthusiastic local historian.

    Kilkeel Workhouse by Noelle Murtagh

    In 1839 a Poor Law Bill was passed to address the growing levels of poverty throughout Ireland.  The law divided Ireland into 130 Unions, each with its own workhouse and Board of Guardians.  Kilkeel Poor Law Union was established on 29th July 1839 and paved the way for the development of Kilkeel Workhouse. 

  • An image of the exterior of Newry & Mourne Museum.

    The role of William Johnson in local political and economic affairs by Noreen Cunningham

    William Johnson was a prominent local solicitor who lived in Warrenpoint with his legal practice, Johnson & Rutherford, at 6 Marcus Square in Newry. During the First World War, Johnston was particularly associated with recruitment and was Chairman of the Newry Recruiting Committee; Alex Fisher, another prominent local solicitor was its Hon. Secretary.  

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