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Black and white drawing of Court House next to Down County Museum

Women in the Old Gaol

The latest blog in Down County Museum's series about the Old Gaol looks at the treatment of women who were imprisoned here.

  • Black and white modern drawing of the Gates to the New Gaol in Downpatrick. The gatehouse is imposing, constructed from granite and sandstone, with a central block showing 3 arches in the middle which are flanked by two wings with framed windows. The artists sketch shows two figures in front of the central gate under the biggest archway, and the top of the arch is approximately three times the height of an adult.
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    The New Gaol of Downpatrick

    In the latest blog in our series about the Gaol, Down County Museum looks at the New Gaol, and describes how it was meant to improve on conditions experienced in the Old Gaol.

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