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Picture of Céline Traynor Jewellery with the lettering Canal Street inscribed

Remembering Our Canal Street

Newry and Mourne Museum will host an informal talk about Canal Street in Newry to complement its temporary exhibition, ‘Newry Artists Past and Present’, which is currently running until April 2024.

  • Newry Town Hall in the 1900s

    Newry Town Hall

    Newry Town Hall has been at the centre of the cultural life of Newry and its hinterland for nearly 130 years. Joanne Cummins, Collections Officer at Newry and Mourne Museum,  references some of the local amateur societies and artistes seen there over the decades.

  • Christopher Shortall (centre) in Theatre during his overseas service with the RAF in the Second World War.

    Christopher Shortall – A Surgeon during the Second World War by Myles Shortall

    Myles Shortall, a retired Newry GP, remembers his father, a wartime Medical Officer and Surgeon at Daisy Hill Hospital and Newry General Hospital. This is an edited version of an article in the booklet accompanying Newry and Mourne Museum’s temporary exhibition, Caring for the Community: The Development of Medicine in Newry and Mourne.

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