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Photograph taken outside Newry Town Hall on 8th February 1927, marking the visit of James Craig, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, to meet with members of Newry Urban District Council and other local public bodies. James Craig, Viscount Craigavon, can be seen in the front row, third from right with Sir Dawson Bates, Minister of Home Affairs on his right and William Robinson, Chairman of the Council on his left.

James Craig, Newry and ‘power-sharing’

Brian M. Walker, Professor Emeritus of Irish Studies at Queen’s University Belfast, explores the significance of a photograph taken of James Craig, the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, and the members of Newry Urban District Council at Newry Town Hall in 1927

  • Newry Town Hall in the 1900s

    Newry Town Hall

    Newry Town Hall has been at the centre of the cultural life of Newry and its hinterland for nearly 130 years. Joanne Cummins, Collections Officer at Newry and Mourne Museum,  references some of the local amateur societies and artistes seen there over the decades.

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