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To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, renowned historian Dr Gavin Hughes will deliver the talk Irish Regiments & 'The Longest Day' at Newry and Mourne Museum on Thursday 13 June at 2pm.

Dr Gavin Hughes, Director of Irish Conflict Archaeology Network at Trinity College Dublin, known for his expertise in military history will provide a comprehensive overview of the pivotal moments that shaped ‘The Longest Day’ focusing on Operations Neptune and Overlord.  He will discuss the complexities of D-Day, explaining what it was, how it unfolded and its significance in the broader context of the war. He will highlight the contributions of the Irish Regiments as well as the meticulous planning and execution of Operation Neptune, the naval component that laid the groundwork for the Normandy landings and Operation Overlord, the overarching campaign that established a foothold in Europe. His discussion will shed light on the strategic and human elements of these operations, offering a rich detailed narrative that honours the memory of those who fought.

Location:            Newry and Mourne Museum

Date:                    Thursday 13 June 2024

Time:                    2pm

Cost:                     £2.50 per person

Also, on display in Gallery three, will be two World War II uniforms donated from James Quinn, originally from Tullyframe, near Kilkeel and Major Gerald Reside from Newry, who was rescued from Dunkirk in June 1940.

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