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On 30 March 2pm at Newry and Mourne Museum will host a talk on the partition of Ireland ‘Land Border in Ireland - 100 Years On’ with Dr. Cormac Moore.

For many in Ireland, the partition of the island only truly began with the establishment of the land border due to the arrival of customs barriers on 1 April 1923. With the creation of a physical border, partition became real, became tangible.

In his talk, Dr Moore explores how the creation of a land border had arguably the largest impact in driving division between north and south, in cementing partition. It examines at how the nature of the border changed in the seventy years of the land border and how it has now, since Brexit, become the focus of international attention and scrutiny, 100 years on from when it was first introduced.

The talk will commence at 2pm and there will be an entrance fee of £2 per person.

If you wish to book or require more information, please email