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Mourne Gullion Strangford Geopark unveils a range of new outdoor activity and adventure experiences.

The destination is thrilled to announce the launch of a range of new outdoor activity and adventure experiences promising unforgettable moments for nature enthusiasts, soft adventurers and thrill-seekers alike in the Mourne Gullion Strangford Region.

Spanning across the Mourne Gullion Strangford geopark’s breathtaking landscapes, from the towering Mourne Mountains and the magical landscapes of Ring of Gulllion to the tranquil shores of Strangford Lough, these immersive experiences are designed to make your heart soar while showcasing the natural beauty and rich heritage of this unique destination.

Outdoor enthusiasts can now embark on experiences such as Wild River dipping, Foraging and Farming through the Ages in the Ring of Gullion, searching for gold in the Mourne Mountains and a Donkey Trail through Time, in Strangford & Lecale.

Nature lovers will have the opportunity to explore hidden gems within the destination, including guided walks and a bird watching tour. Or why not try mindfulness surrounded by spectacular beauty, SUP & Sip or an Electric picnic experience? These experiences highlight the diverse landscapes, vibrant communities and rich culture of our beautiful destination

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, a first-time adventurer or someone who enjoys time out in beautiful places, these experiences will deliver unforgettable moments and create lasting memories.

Experience Activity & Adventure - Visit Mourne Mountains

SUP & Sip Experience
Cultural Learning Experiences
Getting Ready

Escape the everyday and experience the relaxing activity of Paddle Boarding under the watchful eye of our friendly Guides amidst the historic Castlewellan Forest Park in the heart of the Mourne Gullion Strangford Geopark. Explore the stunning Castlewellan Lake, situated beneath the impressive Castle once renowned for its aristocratic parties while in the hands of Lord & Lady Annesley. Enjoy building up a thirst, before stopping off on Paddy's Island to embrace some traditional heart-warming hospitality and sampling local Gins.

YMCA Wild Fire & Jam Experience
Guided Tour
Primary Image

Experience the thrill of YMCA Wild Fire and Jam at Greenhill YMCA, nestled beneath Slieve Donard. Join our bushcraft expert, Michael, to master ancient fire-making skills like flint and steel. Indulge in our secret ingredient, YMCA bread, cooked over the fire and paired with homemade berry jam. Sip on lavender or pine needle tea, brewed from ingredients foraged on-site. Set in our stunning geopark status site, this experience offers relaxation, education, and adventure. Join us for an unforgettable journey into nature's embrace.

Experience Foraging and Farming Through The Ages
Cultural Learning Experiences
Mountain Ways Ireland

Prepare to step back in time as we explore how our place in the natural word has evolved over the many centuries, from foraging to farming. My name is Brian and I have foraged and farmed this magical landscape for all of my life. The experience lasts about three to 3 and a half hours and you will learn hands on about some of the ancient farming practices, the folklore and how wild food and medicinal plant knowledge co-existed here for milenia. The experience includes a short farm walk tasting the wild hedgerow as we go. Our farm and office is set on the lower slopes of County Armaghs highest mountain, the mystical Slieve Gullion. This magical area is known as the 'Ring of Gullion'. It is a designated AONB, in the heart of South Armagh.

Searching for Gold in the Mournes Experience
Experience Days
Searching for Gold

One piece of scientific research in 2009 came to the conclusion that, "It is a great satisfaction to be able to suggest, with solid evidence, that the Irish early Bronze Age ornaments were not only made of Irish gold but probably of gold from Co Down's Mourne Mountains,". During this immersive experience, we are going to look for that gold!

The Cloughmore Experience
Cultural Learning Experiences
Cloughmor Stone, Rostrevor

Prepare to be marvelled by epic views of the Mourne Mountains and fascinating insights in the company of local adventurer and guide, Peter Rafferty, on a guided walk/hike through a visually stunning landscape.

The Timeless Trails of the Magnificent Mournes Experience
Walking Route - Short (<5 miles)
Happy Hikers

Embark on a timeless journey to one of Ireland's most captivating viewpoints and immerse yourself in its enchanting tales. Unleash your sense of wonder as you are safely guided by our highly experienced local expert. Just a short 1.4-mile stroll from the car park, this hidden gem unveils a tapestry of history.

Flight of the Red Kite Experience
Cultural Learning Experiences
Red Kite Blue Sky

Come with me on a meandering dander over ancient country lanes, stopping off at some stunning scenic spots, to hear the Story of the Red Kite, it's ecology, the successful re-introduction projects, while watching out for these magnificent raptors. Marvel at them wheeling and soaring against the backdrop of the majestic Mournes. Hot beverages with home made cakes will be served during the tour.

Electric Picnic Experience
Mountain Bike Operators
Castle Gateway

Experience the thrill of Electric Biking in the company of our friendly Guides amidst the magic of Tollymore Forest Park, located in the heart of the Mourne Gullion Strangford Geopark. Explore a very special landscape, situated at the foot of the iconic Mourne Mountains, with its myths, legends and more recent dramas. Enjoy building up an appetite, before taking a stop with a view to savour a well-earned artisan lunch.

Tide to Table Taste Tour Experience "Wild and Free Savour the Seas"
Cultural Learning Experiences
Tide to Table Taste Tour Experience "Wild and Free Savour the Seas"

Meet and Greet Kilkeel Harbour Co Down. Forage Nicholsons Strand for a profile of seaweeds from Silk Island along to Home Port. Listen to the endearing call of the Sea Birds Dare to Wild Sea Swim or dip those feet in the brinny waters at Crawfords Rock Gather a Seaweed Spa Bath to take home as a reminder of your day. Enjoy a Coastal Flavours Extravaganza Feast Oysters, Crab, Mussels, all with our Tide To Table Seaweeds, Locally Baked Artisan Breads and Cheeses in the warmth of the Boat House as we return to the Harbour Kilkeel Relax and Sit and Chat a while we ask that you leave nothing behind but footprints in the sand.

Wild River Dipping Experience
Experience Days
Wild River Dipping Hiking

Hike to the secret spots and immerse in the rivers of the Mourne Mountains. An activity that explores the trending cold water and wild swimming craze. Including hiking, wild dipping, forest bathing and cold water therapy. Our trained and highly experienced Mountain Leaders and cold water specialists guide you into the hidden landscapes of the Mourne Mountains to the spots we love the most. Visitors will experience how to safely and enjoyable enter the world of cold water therapy and wild swimming, whilst we take you through the fundamentals.

Mourne Hot Barrel Saunas Experience
Experience Days
Mourne Hot Barrel Sauna

Mourne Hot Barrel Sauna offers a unique Finnish Sauna experience for the individual or group up to 10 people at a time. Our sauna is a welcome addition to a cold swim in the lovely waters of Cranfield beach. The sauna is wood fired, allowing temperatures to reach up to 90 degrees. Our staff will be on hand to guide you through the sauna experience and advise you on the many benefits it offers.

Donkey Trail Through Time Experience
Experience Days
Robert & Peanut

Welcome to a "Donkey Trail Through Time", our unique 2-hour guided tour where you will harness your very own working donkey and farm the land with original equipment while learning of the history and heritage of farming and donkeys in Ireland. Experience includes: -Welcome and introduction from Robert to his family farm -Meet your own working donkey (1 between 2 participants) -Brush and get to know them -Learn to harness them with traditional gear -Drive them around the farmland -Hitching them up the various implements -Listen to the history and heritage of Irish farming -Option for a riverside picnic carried by donkeys and baskets* "Donkey Trail Through Time" offers a truly unique and immersive experience that combines history, agricult

Voyage Through The Centuries Experience
Cultural Learning Experiences
Setting Sail

Embark on an enchanting voyage as you set sail on a longship tour of Ardglass. With each stroke of the oars, your journey transports you back in time. Revealing glimpses of the past, you will unlock the story of the village with six castles from a unique vantage point. Accompanied by Duane, a knowledgeable storyteller, regaling you with captivating tales of maritime legends, historic events, and colourful characters who graced these shores.