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Journey into the Heart of Killeavy Castle Estate

Contributed by The Gourmet Boys

It has been said that nature is the purest portal to inner peace…

Nestled within the ancient heartlands of County Armagh, Killeavy Castle Estate beckons travellers to embark on a journey through nature, myth and heritage. Here, amidst the lush woodlands on the slopes of Slieve Gullion, where heroes of Irish mythology once walked, the estate stands as a testament to centuries of history and the enduring spirit of the land.

Named AA Hotel of the Year Northern Ireland 2023, Killeavy Castle Estate comprises a four-star boutique hotel, castle accommodation and self-catering lodges in the heart of the Ring of Gullion. Boasting an award-winning 2 AA Rosette restaurant, a casual bistro bar, and spa facilities, Killeavy Castle Estate provides the perfect haven to relax, switch off and reconnect with the spirit of nature and heritage in the spectacular surroundings of the estate.

A Tapestry of Heritage and Mythology

Located in the heart of the Ring of Gullion, Killeavy Castle Estate offers guests the opportunity to explore an area that is steeped in Irish mythology.

Featured in ancient tales of the Cailleach, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, and Cú Chulainn, Slieve Gullion is a striking presence in the landscape, allowing visitors to step into a world where heroes once roamed and nature speaks a language of its own, that has echoed through time.

With woodland walks throughout the 365-acre estate and direct access to Slieve Gullion, nature is right on the doorstep for guests of the hotel.

A Mission to Share the Spirit of Killeavy

Generations of families have called Killeavy home, each leaving an indelible mark on its landscape. The current family of Killeavy Castle Estate are the Boyles.

Born in Ireland and raised in Australia, Mick Boyle’s ties to South Armagh run deep, harking back to his parents’ birthplace in Killeavy during the 1930s. His return to Killeavy in 2013 was not just a reconnection with familial history but the awakening of a mission to preserve, and share with the world, the heritage of a place that has shaped generations.

Together with his wife, Robin, he meticulously restored the 19th-century castle at its centre, expanding the estate to offer a tranquil retreat for those seeking a deeper connection with nature and history, leaving their own indelible mark on the landscape.

Embracing Sustainability to Preserve the Past for Future Generations

The owners of Killeavy Castle Estate are passionate about creating a legacy of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Encompassing every aspect, from the initial castle restoration and build of the hotel to the day-to-day operations, Killeavy Castle Estate stands as a steward of the land that surrounds it.

Awarded geopark status in 2023, the Mourne Gullion Strangford UNESCO Global Geopark that Killeavy Castle Estate is based in, boasts a wealth of geological history, natural beauty, and mythical landscapes ripe for exploration by visitors to the area.

The estate’s dedication to sustainable tourism is a conscious effort to tread lightly on the earth, ensuring that every guest experience not only reflects the rich heritage of the estate but also contributes to the preservation of this pristine landscape for future generations.

Here, nature intertwines with history, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore ancient heartlands and reconnect with the essence of Ireland’s mythic landscapes. Come, unravel the tapestry of Killeavy, where heritage meets mysticism, and stories of old come to life. Your journey awaits at the heart of South Armagh and Killeavy Castle Estate is ready to welcome you.

Presenting Gullion Restaurant at Killeavy: Where Culinary Excellence Meets Mystic Landscapes

Gullion at Killeavy is an exquisite dining haven, celebrated for its exceptional food and captivating panoramic views of the Ring of Gullion. Boasting a prestigious 2 AA Rosette award, Gullion at Killeavy is a testament to the commitment to culinary excellence that defines Killeavy Castle Estate.

Farm to Fork Gastronomy: A Symphony of Flavours

Gullion at Killeavy is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of the finest produce sourced from the estate’s farm, walled gardens, and the surrounding landscape and suppliers. Here, the culinary journey extends beyond the plate, inviting patrons to savour the rich stories embedded in each dish. The menu seamlessly weaves together the bounty of the land on the estate with offerings from leading local artisans, producers, and fisheries, creating an immersive gastronomic experience.

Inspired by Slieve Gullion: A Mystic Culinary Tale

The restaurant draws inspiration from the mystical Slieve Gullion, a mountain steeped in Irish folklore and literature. Legends of Cú Chulainn, Ossian, and the Calliagh Berra come alive in the tales spun on its slopes. Gullion at Killeavy transports diners into this magical realm, where each culinary creation is a harmonious blend of flavours and narratives.

Sustainability at Killeavy Castle Estate

Killeavy Castle Estate is an accredited member of Green Tourism and has been certified by Sustainable Travel Ireland in recognition of its commitment to sustainable practices in hospitality, from the foundational build stage of its hotel to day-to-day operations.


In the realm of agriculture, the estate’s working farm is the heartbeat of its farm-to-fork ethos. Some of the finest produce is sourced from the island of Ireland as well as using as many local suppliers as possible to champion what can be produced here on the estate’s doorstep. The 1-acre vegetable garden produces a diverse array of seasonal vegetables, while the Farm Store, opened
in 2022, showcases products ranging from the estate’s Longhorn Beef to local artisanal goods.

Contributed by The Gourmet Boys

Killeavy Castle Estate
Aerial view of Killeavy Castle Estate. A luxury Hotel Spa destination in Newry, Northern Ireland.

Welcome to Killeavy Castle Estate, the perfect antidote to the modern fast paced world. Named winner of the Luxury Castle Hotel (Europe) Award at the prestigious World Luxury Awards 2021, it’s the ideal place to escape and unwind, and is located just 10 minutes outside Newry City.

Slieve Gullion
Walking & Hiking
Slieve Gullion

A mountain walk linked with forest tracks and minor roads

Ring of Gullion
Group on lane looking over Ring of Gullion mountains

Slieve Gullion Forest Park is in the heart of the Ring of Gullion. The Ring of Gullion is a unique geological landform – unparalleled elsewhere in Ireland or the UK – and was the first ring dyke in the world to be geologically mapped. The ring of low, rugged hills forms a ‘rampart’ around the heather-clad Slieve Gullion.